This Depraved World FAQ


Do you really expect horny guys looking for porn with dicks in their hands to read a FAQ? No.

What's the point of this F.A.Q.? There is none really, I was just bored one night and thought it'd be funny.

Why porn? Why film, books, or comics books? It's all about wish fulfillment, and if I can get somebody off regardless of their personal kink, then that's cool because I know what it's like to feel lacking at one point or another. Besides, it sounds so anti-social to say that you work in porn, and I'm a rebel without a cause.

Aren't you still just a nobody in the pornworld? Fuck off... Well, sort of but who wants to be called a nobody? Since I first wrote this FAQ I've come a long way and even got to meet a couple of the hottest & coolest pornstars around. So I think at this point I'm better laballed as a "nobody with promise".

This Porn List

What is a free pornsite (or freesite)? A free pornsite is a pornsite that you don't have to pay for, duh! Seriously, I can understand the confusion because nowadays there are all kinds of free sites that have porn on them. A classic freesite starts with a warning page (with advertisements on it and then links to a main page that links to two or more gallery pages with free pictures or video samples of the paysite that builders are advertising for -- and yes, we're all in it for the money.

Then what are galleris? A gallery is a single page with ads and some sample movies or pictures on it, often times found within freesites.

All I see are ads, how does one navigate a freesite? A free-site is really just a four or five page pornsite. Those pages consist of a warning page, a main page and the gallery pages that actually hold the porn. To navigate a free pornsite like a pro you want to look for the word "enter" on the warning page and the terms "gallery" on the main page. It's that easy.

What's the point of these free pornsites, why are they free. As I said before, we're all just in it for the money. Should a surfer sign up through one of our advertisements on a freesite we get a small commission. It takes tons of traffic and a lot of sales to make a living at it thoughm so I don't really recommend it.

Why do you list freesites then, where's your profit in all this? In theory their should be some level of profit from the traffic I filter to my own freesites that are smattered within the listings and my own more obvious ad links both text and image. That makes me enough to buy a cheap coffee at St@rbucks. Again, it's not an occupation I'd recommend to anyone but a monk of pornography like myself.

Why is your MILF section so popular? I have no fucking idea. Honestly. I don't do any significant traffic generation for that category than I do for others. For some reason my surfers just like MILFs.

What's up with the smilie faces on some of ads? Yeah, see I was trying to create a site without actual hardcore content on the banners and in most cases I was able to airbrush off or replace the offending hardcore parts. Some of these sites were either supposed to be blatantly extreme hardcore and airbrushing would have killed the intended flavor of the site or I was just to lazy to put in a ton of effort when a lot of photoshopping would have been necessary. My cheesy way out was to drop a smilie face over the hardcore section of the image. It was originally just supposed to be a placeholder until I could think of a better way but it made me laugh So I kept them.

Recently though I've had a change of heart and now I'm going to just try to keep the hardcore images off the top of my entry page where my warning is at, so I will be replacing edited images for the real deal as I have the time.

When someone reports a bad link do you really check it? I actully do! The only problem is that by the time I get the report the site is usually back-up and running. My assumption is that some people click the link on accident. For the most part I have bots that look a little bit like Jawas and they run around looking for broken links and sometimes find them in the older listings.

Are all of the people in your "friend's list" really your friends? Yes, I'd like to think so. I've met most of them in person and those I haven't I have a good working relationship with. You've never partied until you've partied with a bunch of old fat pornmasters!

What happened to all the Meatholes links? Yes, it's true I used to heavily advertise one of the most intense and despised hardcore gonzo lines in the industry and I used to do well with the sales. Times have changed, companies change and long story short, I had to pull the bulk of those links. The bastards!


Is your name really Preacher? What are you an idiot? How many people have you met named "Preacher"? This ain't a comic book!

Where did you get the name Preacher from? That's a really good question without a good answer.

You seem to push some of the more extreme types of hardcore pornography that is more akin to Fe@r F@ctor then sex. Why? Sometimes you try something out it works and you just run with it. Other times you're a sick mother-fucker that gets off on girls receiving three consecutive anal creampies and then farting out the cum load onto a plate only to swallow it! Hell, this site is called This Depraved World after all! As to which of the above best describes me, I'll never tell.

So do you practice what you preach? Is your own personal sex life as sick as the sites you create and list? Unfortunately no. Truly depraved and willing whores are so hard to come by nowadays.

What kind of porn gets you off? To be completely honest, I see so much porn that it takes something really special to get my depraved heart racing. But I'm not going to get into specifics here.

What kind of music do you dig? I have no generic answer to this question because I listen to just about everything outside of country. Some of my favorite bands are Bauhaus, Portishead, Massive Attack, Coleman Hawkins...apparently anything depressive.

Porn Questions

What's a DP? A Double Penetration, or in other words one cock in the pussy and another in the stinkhole at the same time. It's not gay as long as the ballsacks don't touch.

What's an airtight? An airtight is when a woman with exceptional morals allows three gentlemen to insert their cocks into three of her hot aching fuck-holes at once. Thereby creating an airtight fit.

What's an ATM? An Ass To Mouth act normally filmed in a single shot so there is obviously no cleaning of the poopcock in between, yummy!

What's Gokkun? It means drink in Japanese but is generally referenced in a Japanese bukkake style cumplay porn scene which involves the drooling out of cum and then sucking it back up or sipping it off of a spoon or other such depravity. Good stuff.

What's a Summit Bukakke? An old Japanese video line that is what people generally think of when they think of Japanese bukkake. There's not a whole lot of sex involved in these, but instead like 200 guys stand in a line and jerk off of some Japanese whore's face. After it's over the semen is scraped off the face, body and floor surrounding the whore and placed into a beaker. She then she chugs like 250cc's of mixed cum-shake. The best ones are the ones in which the girls cry while drinking it. Come on, that's just a joke. This is really old school bukkake, not really found much around anymore as the novelty has pretty much worn off.

Pornstar Questions

Who are your favorite pornstars? I generally like whores with big fake titties and heavy eye make-up, but I guess I'm just old school that way. The other types of pornwhores I love to watch are the chicks that are as depraved as they come. I'm talking whores that push the envelope and are involved in carnal acts that would make a preacher puke.

Can you name a few? Gina Lynn - Logically she's not the hottest chick I've ever seen, but she drives me absolutley nuts for some reason. She embodies that big tit, nice round ass, bleached blonde hair with dark eyeliner pornstar I like so much. I actually met her at a dinner in Las Vegas once, she was very nice and approchable!
Jenna Haze - While she may not be voluptuous she is just gorgeous, and she wears glasses in real life which I find to be a major turn on. I also met her in Vegas and she was very sweet.
Nautica Thorn - For an Asian she has nice big tits, a full bubblebutt and the best cock-sucking smile in porn.
Jayna Oso - She takes double anals on a regular basis, enough said!
Queeny - I know most will not have heard of Queeny, but she's a German whore that absolutely loves cum and even goes so far as to snort it through her nose. Classy!
Carmel Moore - A trashy looking British chick with horrible bleached hair and tits that don't match. Don't ask me why I choose who I choose, I just do!